A Healthy Cup

A Healthy Cup

Hello! Thanks for joining us for the first part of our tea journey. For this week we are going to cover why tea is the healthy choice to steep. Now, I’m sure you have heard how amazing Green tea can be for lots of things ranging from weight loss to helping fight cancer with its polyphenol warriors! (Polyphenols help eliminate free radicals that can cause life-threatening tumors.) Along with reducing risk of neurological disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Black tea, the most popular tea in the US is also a large choice. Known mainly for its ability to help with strokes. Another study has shown that it helps keep your lungs safe from smoke (cigarettes) exposure and gives you a lower risk of Diabetes.

This being said, Green tea certainly does have helpful tumor fighters. And Black tea can offer assistance to heart diseases. However, not just Green and Black but all teas have recently been brought to light on how they too can be just as amazing as Green and Black Tea, by sharing the same benefits.

So in conclusion, it has been argued that no matter what tea you prefer to sip on, you should get very similar benefits. So don’t fret! Drink tea that you enjoy taste wise (since its said 4 cups a day would be best) without worrying about if you’re getting everything you need from your favorite cup of tea.